The Luxury Conversation is a global community created to connect and showcase the people who are shaping the luxury industry in China and Asia.


Through people-focused content The Luxury Conversation discovers what is happening on the ground in China and Asia.

Speaking with a wide variety of talents, both established and emerging in the luxury scene, we discuss the people and issues that are shaping its future, in order to bring a clear understanding of world’s most exciting luxury market: China.


The Luxury Conversation holds a variety of events globally, for the luxury community to come together and benefit from open discussions, informative briefings and all sorts of get-togethers which deal with the key issues affecting our industry.

Luxury Conversation events follow our editorial perspective of uncovering what’s happening today in China’s luxury world, as well as looking to tomorrow; the emerging talent, upcoming trends and issues that the global community should prepare for.

To be invited to our events, such as hosted talks, panel discussions, high-end and fun networking evenings, within China and also brought to cities worldwide, please contact us.

Luxury Conversation events bring together fresh faces and leading innovators for sharing and open collaboration. These events create new partnerships, opportunities, friendships and spark new ideas and businesses.

Being based in Shanghai, the Luxury Conversation has the advantage of holding events that are a highlight of the luxury community in China.

Collaboration with the right partners for these events is welcomed, to encourage coverage and exposure for brands, institutions and government departments, showcasing their place in and support of the luxury community.


Each quarter, the Luxury Conversation publishes a China Insight Report, giving detailed analysis on topical trends with in-depth insight on the luxury industry in China.

The report includes case studies, research on consumer preferences and behavior, as well as data from online and social media activity.

The Luxury Conversation’s team of expert China writers also produces bespoke reports, tailor-made to your requirements. They include competitor activity, online trends, new products, influencer collaborations, surveys and research data of both consumer opinion and digital data such as internet searches, social media numbers and much more.

Please contact us for more information.


To experience the China luxury market first-hand, The Luxury Conversation arranges fully guided, immersive programmes to connect to the key players in luxury (whether retail, technology, e-commerce or any field), panel discussions with expert speakers, focus groups with target luxury consumers and visits to luxury destinations across 1st and 2nd tier cities. The aim is to share a true understanding of what’s happening on the ground, today and tomorrow.

The Luxury Conversation is also seeking partners for collaboration on future content and research.

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