China’s New ‘Wonder Dads’ Go Big on Luxury for All the Family

We’ve told you about China’s self-declared Spicy Mamas – and the face of modern fatherhood in China is also one that distinctly differs from past generations. Luxury brands and new media platforms in China are finding that China’s affluent, modern Dad is keen to be seen as part of the successful family unit. Continue reading “China’s New ‘Wonder Dads’ Go Big on Luxury for All the Family”

How Russia is Winning with the Affluent Chinese Traveller

With a rise that began a several years ago with state-approved ‘Red Tourism’, Russia has become a destination for affluent Chinese shoppers looking to combine national history with off-the-beaten-path luxury travel shopping.

Proximity and friendly relations have seen over 100,000 Chinese travellers confidently jetting off to Russia for the World Cup – even though their nation isn’t taking part. With 57% of those travelers being female (source: Ctrip), it’s a clear indication that Russia has now planted a flag on the international luxury map. Continue reading “How Russia is Winning with the Affluent Chinese Traveller”

5 Questions with: Barry Lin, VP of TuNiu Destination Marketing; China’s Travel Booking Giant

Founded in 2006, TuNiu is the leading online leisure travel company in China – the Nasdaq-listed platform has the largest market share (28.4%) in the online leisure and holiday market, and currently holds over 2 million holiday package SKUs. The Luxury Conversation met up with one of the most influential men in the China travel sphere, VP of TuNiu Destination Marketing Services Department, Barry Lin, during his recent visit to Shanghai. Continue reading “5 Questions with: Barry Lin, VP of TuNiu Destination Marketing; China’s Travel Booking Giant”

China’s ‘Hot Mamas’: Millennial Parents, The New Force in Luxury Spending

By Jiaqi Luo and Nick Withycombe

The development of China in the last decade is most easily visible through big numbers. But stats such as ‘Chinese travelling overseas increased by 1,380% from 2000 to 2017‘ don’t help to understand the intricate changes in society that have taken place. One of these enormous (seismic, tectonic, however far you want to go) changes is in the new parenting culture of China’s affluent Millennial generation. Continue reading “China’s ‘Hot Mamas’: Millennial Parents, The New Force in Luxury Spending”

Op-Ed: China’s KOL Bubble, and How Brands Can Prepare

By Nick Withycombe

Yes, I said it: China’s KOL bubble.

KOLs have become a solid part of any brand’s checklist when operating in China. To be frank, if that needs further explanation then you’re already a few years behind the curve: KOLs in China are examples of many aspects of modern society here – when a concept is taken from the west (influencers, in this case) and is super-charged into massive earning and income potential. You might even say ‘enhanced capitalism’, but now is not the time to go into that.

KOLs are more influential on both consumption behaviours and social trends than celebrity movie stars and singers. There are Chinese KOLs for any type of field you can imagine – not only fashion and sports, but there are travel KOLs, pet KOLs, even ‘park & garden KOLs‘. With a population this big and country this diverse, there’s something for everyone.

Yet, is there now over-reliance on the KOL as a silver bullet? More than that, are certain ‘China marketing/business experts’ guilty of reducing KOL marketing to mere advertising of budget = views theorem? Continue reading “Op-Ed: China’s KOL Bubble, and How Brands Can Prepare”

5 Disruptive Statements from China Connect Shanghai 2018

Sometimes the hyperbole is justified. While headline statements can be guilty of lazily inserting top-shelf buzz such as game-changer, disruptor or next-gen for their tabloid effect, the talks at China Connect warrant the provocative wordage.

An event with talks that were both interesting and presented with aplomb, China Connect Shanghai 2018 brought together experts from a broad variety of fields. Here are some of the more eye-catching statements from the day. Continue reading “5 Disruptive Statements from China Connect Shanghai 2018”

WeChat’s Next-Gen: ‘WeLife’ Previewed at China Connect, Shanghai 2018

The Luxury Conversation attended China Connect’s Shanghai 2018 edition, which featured expert speakers talking about what’s currently at the tip of the spear of engagement with China’s consumers. A wide-ranging and insightful event, attended by over 300 people, China Connect was held at The Explorium on Yishan Road.

Among the engaging talks was that by Sophia Ong, GM of Strategic Partner & Key Account at Tencent, in which Sophia spoke about the well-known (let’s go ahead and call it God-like) power of WeChat and the Tencent eco-system.

Sophia’s presentation clarified that luxury brands need to quickly maximise their WeChat adoption and adaptation in order to keep up with the expectations of the Chinese consumer. Here are the key takeaways from the talk – with a thrilling preview into the next generation of WeChat commerce capabilities: WeLife. Continue reading “WeChat’s Next-Gen: ‘WeLife’ Previewed at China Connect, Shanghai 2018”

5 Questions with: Simon Bosshart, APAC Director of Switzerland Tourism

Switzerland offers all of the key aspects desired by affluent Chinese travellers – exclusivity, adventure, sports and a WeChat-picture-perfect landscape at every turn. The third most visiting nation – and rising – Switzerland has clearly been communicating its message in China at the right places, to the right people. A Chinese-Swiss Tourism Year highlighted the rise in popularity of the destination.

So how is Switzerland achieving just the right kind of marketing, and how has this message and the country’s tourism market goals changed over the last several years?

The Luxury Conversation spoke with Simon Bosshart, who has been the Switzerland Tourism Director of China since 2006, and Director of APAC since 2014. Continue reading “5 Questions with: Simon Bosshart, APAC Director of Switzerland Tourism”

Confessions of a KOL: The Luxury Conversation x M Talk in Shanghai

The Luxury Conversation held an event in collaboration with M Talk, a regular series of insightful and inspiring talks held at M Glam, on the Bund in Shanghai.

100 guests attended  in order to hear straight from the KOL’s mouth about the reality of life under the social media spotlight. When worked with properly, Key Opinion Leaders are now a must-have aspect of any brands communications strategy in China.

Speaking at the event was Michelle Ye and Tera Feng. Michelle was one of the very first KOLs, shooting to fame in 2010 by sharing her unique perspective on life to her fans, reaching 1 million views in just 10 months. Michelle later launched her own highly successful fashion brand in 2015.

Previously an editor, Tera has now become a fashion buyer and KOL, working with brands such as YSL, Dolce & Gabbana, MARNI, Swarovski, SECOO and more, on her incredibly successful Weibo account. Continue reading “Confessions of a KOL: The Luxury Conversation x M Talk in Shanghai”

Op-Ed: The One Way to Succeed in Business in China

By Nick Withycombe

Even the briefest of browses through international media should turn up clear indications of the power of the Chinese consumer. Bain & Co’s ‘China consumes 32% of global luxury is perhaps the best known, while big number after eye-opening stat can be trotted out to really clarify – to anyone who has been living in a cave for the last decade – that your luxury business really ought to be selling to the people that want to buy most of it. Continue reading “Op-Ed: The One Way to Succeed in Business in China”