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China’s Luxury Travel Apps (Finally) Explained

by Cindy Choo

With a completely unique digital playground, any travel and hospitality brand needs to engage with their affluent Chinese customer according to their App-based, mobile preference.

Players in the hospitality or travel sector should already realise the importance of Chinese travellers – Chinese tourists made 130 million overseas trips in 2017, with total spending amounting to US$115 billion, according to a report from China Tourism Academy, and the number is projected to jump to 390 million in the next decade.

A survey in 2017 revealed that 95 per cent of Chinese millennials had not bought print media in the last year. China is the global leader in proximity mobile payment adoption, accounting for 61.2 per cent of the worldwide user base in 2018.

So who are the key players in sales, marketing, reviews and content platforms that engage Chinese luxury travellers? Continue reading “China’s Luxury Travel Apps (Finally) Explained”

5 Questions with: Barry Lin, VP of TuNiu Destination Marketing; China’s Travel Booking Giant

Founded in 2006, TuNiu is the leading online leisure travel company in China – the Nasdaq-listed platform has the largest market share (28.4%) in the online leisure and holiday market, and currently holds over 2 million holiday package SKUs. The Luxury Conversation met up with one of the most influential men in the China travel sphere, VP of TuNiu Destination Marketing Services Department, Barry Lin, during his recent visit to Shanghai. Continue reading “5 Questions with: Barry Lin, VP of TuNiu Destination Marketing; China’s Travel Booking Giant”

5 Questions with: Simon Bosshart, APAC Director of Switzerland Tourism

Switzerland offers all of the key aspects desired by affluent Chinese travellers – exclusivity, adventure, sports and a WeChat-picture-perfect landscape at every turn. The third most visiting nation – and rising – Switzerland has clearly been communicating its message in China at the right places, to the right people. A Chinese-Swiss Tourism Year highlighted the rise in popularity of the destination.

So how is Switzerland achieving just the right kind of marketing, and how has this message and the country’s tourism market goals changed over the last several years?

The Luxury Conversation spoke with Simon Bosshart, who has been the Switzerland Tourism Director of China since 2006, and Director of APAC since 2014. Continue reading “5 Questions with: Simon Bosshart, APAC Director of Switzerland Tourism”