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5 Ways U.S. Luxury Brands Have Won in China

By Lauren Hallanan

While there is no one-size-fits-all China market strategy, there appear to be five common approaches for U.S. brands to reach Chinese consumers. Several U.S. brands including Tiffany & Co, Estée Lauder and Michael Kors, have made a name for themselves in China’s growing luxury market. The Luxury Conversation Survey on U.S. brands revealed clear adoration for various brands and travel destinations. How have they each achieved this? Continue reading “5 Ways U.S. Luxury Brands Have Won in China”

How a Curvy Butt is the New Luxury Status Symbol in China

We’ve all seen the carefully curated gym pics going out on social media. But more than just a chance to flash the flesh, fitness and exercise have a whole new meaning in China. Fitness is the new status symbol of luxury and wealth.

Bling is tuhao (nouveau-riche and lacking in class), Gucci is ‘something my Mum wears’, and a YSL lipstick is fine for entry-level luxury. But if you want something that says ‘I have plenty of free time, I am as up-to-date as can be with international trends, and I am a class above’ – you want a toned bod with a booty to boot.

A fine physique takes much more money, know-how, and time to build. Shapes and muscles speak of privilege, and are fast becoming a badge of social status itself. A growing segment of China’s young, wealthy class is shifting attention from obvious brand purchase to fitness and bodybuilding. Continue reading “How a Curvy Butt is the New Luxury Status Symbol in China”