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Move Over Millennials – Chinese Gen X are Just as Sexy

by Nick Withycombe

Millennials, yes fine. We get it. All of us have referenced the Chinese Millennial so often that the syllables may have lost all meaning by now, becoming some sort of ritualesque mantra chanted out on a weekly basis at the latest ‘can’t miss’ China expert panel discussion.

But what about Gen X? They matter too! They may be a little older, they may not be quite as sleek-sounding and the ‘Gen X mindset’ doesn’t seem quite as sexy (more like slippers and a good book), but logically speaking they are a crucial segment of consumer demographic. Continue reading “Move Over Millennials – Chinese Gen X are Just as Sexy”

Op-Ed: Hyper-localism – Luxury Brands in China Must Prepare to ‘Go Local’

By Nick Cakebread – first published on LSN Global

It’s safe to say that Chinese consumers are even more knowledgeable about the world of luxury than their Western counterparts. In fact, luxury is a way of life for affluent Chinese consumers, and this arguably affects brands in many ways.

One of the major changes of recent years has been the shift from making blingy, big-logo purchases to a more curious look at luxury. Today, it’s about being discerning, as having a savvy knowledge of luxury goods expands from China’s first tier cities and well-travelled set of affluent consumers, to reach wider, regional audiences. Continue reading “Op-Ed: Hyper-localism – Luxury Brands in China Must Prepare to ‘Go Local’”

5 Questions with: Sporty Bitch at Wellness Uncovered, M on the Bund Shanghai

At the recent M Talk, hosted at M Glam on the Bund, the theme Wellness Uncovered saw entrepreneur and KOL speakers discuss the booming wellness and vegan industries in China.

One of the speakers was ‘Sporty Bitch’, the fitness and lifestyle blogger who has grown a loyal, avid readership of her brutally honest and highly informative perspectives on everything to do with getting fit and living well.

We took a moment to speak with Sporty Bitch about her success and where she sees the industries heading.

Continue reading “5 Questions with: Sporty Bitch at Wellness Uncovered, M on the Bund Shanghai”

Op-Ed: Why Not to Try Anything New in China, from Not a China Expert

by Nick Withycombe

What’s new? What’s coming next? These are the go-to questions on ‘China marketing’, whether you’re a journalist looking for a headline or in the industry and looking for the most cutting-edge, client-wowing solution.

If you are seeking further understanding on China, then media content and events are available routes where answers and help may be expected. However, much of this just spreads the same basic messages – and my question is whether an adult really needs to be told that in China you need to ‘research your target audience’ or ‘be customer focused’. Oh, we were about to not be customer focused – thanks! I have the same confusion when I read a sentence such as ‘in China, you need to be digital and mobile’. Continue reading “Op-Ed: Why Not to Try Anything New in China, from Not a China Expert”

Op-Ed: China’s KOL Bubble, and How Brands Can Prepare

By Nick Withycombe

Yes, I said it: China’s KOL bubble.

KOLs have become a solid part of any brand’s checklist when operating in China. To be frank, if that needs further explanation then you’re already a few years behind the curve: KOLs in China are examples of many aspects of modern society here – when a concept is taken from the west (influencers, in this case) and is super-charged into massive earning and income potential. You might even say ‘enhanced capitalism’, but now is not the time to go into that.

KOLs are more influential on both consumption behaviours and social trends than celebrity movie stars and singers. There are Chinese KOLs for any type of field you can imagine – not only fashion and sports, but there are travel KOLs, pet KOLs, even ‘park & garden KOLs‘. With a population this big and country this diverse, there’s something for everyone.

Yet, is there now over-reliance on the KOL as a silver bullet? More than that, are certain ‘China marketing/business experts’ guilty of reducing KOL marketing to mere advertising of budget = views theorem? Continue reading “Op-Ed: China’s KOL Bubble, and How Brands Can Prepare”

Op-Ed: The One Way to Succeed in Business in China

By Nick Withycombe

Even the briefest of browses through international media should turn up clear indications of the power of the Chinese consumer. Bain & Co’s ‘China consumes 32% of global luxury is perhaps the best known, while big number after eye-opening stat can be trotted out to really clarify – to anyone who has been living in a cave for the last decade – that your luxury business really ought to be selling to the people that want to buy most of it. Continue reading “Op-Ed: The One Way to Succeed in Business in China”