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Each quarter, the Luxury Conversation publishes a China Insight Report, giving detailed analysis on topical trends with in-depth insight on the luxury industry in China.

The report includes case studies, research on consumer preferences and behavior, as well as data from online and social media activity.

We look across the entire luxury landscape to uncover what’s being done by both the top and niche brands, as well as profiling the up and coming Chinese talents, designers and brands who are shaping luxury in China.

Subscription to the LUXURY CONVERSATION CHINA INSIGHT REPORT includes complimentary invitation to Luxury Conversation briefings globally.


The Luxury Conversation’s team of expert China writers produces bespoke reports, tailor-made to your requirements. They include competitor activity, online trends, new products, influencer collaborations, surveys and research data of both consumer opinion and digital data such as internet searches, social media numbers and much more.

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To experience the China luxury market first-hand, The Luxury Conversation arranges fully guided, immersive programmes to connect to the key players in luxury (whether retail, technology, e-commerce or any field), panel discussions with expert speakers, focus groups with target luxury consumers and visits to luxury destinations across 1st and 2nd tier cities. The aim is to share a true understanding of what’s happening on the ground, today and tomorrow.

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