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The China Luxury Travel Insight Report by The Luxury Conversation x ILTM China: Affluent Chinese Families

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ILTM (International Luxury Travel Market) China will be in Shanghai on October the 31st to November the 2nd, 2018. This is the first dedicated Chinese edition of the world’s leading luxury travel-industry event, as the Chinese market is now so strong that the region warrants its own unique version.

At the event’s keynote speech on the 31st, Chloe Reuter, CEO & Founder of Reuter Communications and co-Founder of The Luxury Conversation will be presenting findings from a new travel report on Affluent Chinese Families.

The report, co-published by ILTM China and The Luxury Conversation, is produced by Reuter: Intelligence, the insights division of Reuter Communications.

The modern, affluent Chinese family is now a powerhouse of luxury spending.

Taking responses from over 400 affluent Chinese respondents in first-tier cities across China, the report looks at consumer preferences and behaviour related to destinations, travel brands, experiences, media and information learning, purchasing and what China’s affluent travelers expect, prefer and demand during their travel experience.

Fascinating insights have been discovered as to the travel dreams and desires of this crucial Chinese demographic, in the areas of:

  • Digital connectivity – ‘going mobile’ – even in their rooms
  • Content and information – the new App that’s beating WeChat
  • Sustainability and wellness – green is the new gold for luxury Chinese travellers
  • Their child’s experience – family life is the new luxury for affluent Chinese travellers and they expect the world
  • Brand preferences – who’s winning the competition for China’s luxury travellers?
  • Destination plans – Chinese affluent families pioneer extreme getaways and have adventurous new locations on the mind
  • and many more intriguing takeaways

Purchase the report here.