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5 Questions with: Sporty Bitch at Wellness Uncovered, M on the Bund Shanghai

At the recent M Talk, hosted at M Glam on the Bund, the theme Wellness Uncovered saw entrepreneur and KOL speakers discuss the booming wellness and vegan industries in China.

One of the speakers was ‘Sporty Bitch’, the fitness and lifestyle blogger who has grown a loyal, avid readership of her brutally honest and highly informative perspectives on everything to do with getting fit and living well.

We took a moment to speak with Sporty Bitch about her success and where she sees the industries heading.

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Wellness Uncovered – M Talk, Shanghai – August 29th

The next edition of M Talk is on the 29th of August at M on the Bund, Shanghai.

Fitness and wellness in China are booming in popularity and the same can be said for veganism. Yet, as with any new food or fitness trend, there is now an overload of information and mixed messages; is veganism really good for your health? Can you sustain an active lifestyle of exercise and fitness with a solely vegan diet? Is veganism ‘used’ by some to promote their own healthy lifestyle? Is veganism really better for the planet? Continue reading “Wellness Uncovered – M Talk, Shanghai – August 29th”

How Russia is Winning with the Affluent Chinese Traveller

With a rise that began a several years ago with state-approved ‘Red Tourism’, Russia has become a destination for affluent Chinese shoppers looking to combine national history with off-the-beaten-path luxury travel shopping.

Proximity and friendly relations have seen over 100,000 Chinese travellers confidently jetting off to Russia for the World Cup – even though their nation isn’t taking part. With 57% of those travelers being female (source: Ctrip), it’s a clear indication that Russia has now planted a flag on the international luxury map. Continue reading “How Russia is Winning with the Affluent Chinese Traveller”

How a Curvy Butt is the New Luxury Status Symbol in China

We’ve all seen the carefully curated gym pics going out on social media. But more than just a chance to flash the flesh, fitness and exercise have a whole new meaning in China. Fitness is the new status symbol of luxury and wealth.

Bling is tuhao (nouveau-riche and lacking in class), Gucci is ‘something my Mum wears’, and a YSL lipstick is fine for entry-level luxury. But if you want something that says ‘I have plenty of free time, I am as up-to-date as can be with international trends, and I am a class above’ – you want a toned bod with a booty to boot.

A fine physique takes much more money, know-how, and time to build. Shapes and muscles speak of privilege, and are fast becoming a badge of social status itself. A growing segment of China’s young, wealthy class is shifting attention from obvious brand purchase to fitness and bodybuilding. Continue reading “How a Curvy Butt is the New Luxury Status Symbol in China”