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5 Questions with: Xia Ding, President, JD International Fashion & Head of Toplife

Joining one of China’s largest e-commerce platforms, JD.com in 2017 after a career leading both online and offline retail as VP with Nielsen, Xia Ding became President of JD International Fashion and Head of Toplife in 2018. Toplife, launched at the end of 2017, is JD’s stand-alone luxury platform which allows luxury brands to set up flagship online stores, delivering a high-end service to its users.

We spoke to Xia Ding at JD’s Shanghai base about their first year’s growth and future plans. Continue reading “5 Questions with: Xia Ding, President, JD International Fashion & Head of Toplife”

How Luxury Car Brands Capture Their Customer with WeChat Mini Programs

By Lionel Sim

As has been made crystal clear thus far – it’s China leading luxury. China is also bossing it in the world of luxury automotive, accounting for almost 90% of the sales growth for leading luxury automakers in 2017.

China made up 27% of overall sales, three percentage points more than in 2016, and the number of luxury cars sold in China rose 17%, compared to the rest of the world according to a report from Nikkei Asian Review. Continue reading “How Luxury Car Brands Capture Their Customer with WeChat Mini Programs”

Luxury Symposium, Hong Kong Nov 5: Greater Bay, a New Playground for Luxury Brands?

The Luxury Conversation is a partner of the French Chamber of Hong Kong’s Luxury Symposium, which will be on Monday November the 5th, 2018.

Join us at the recently opened K11 Atelier at Victoria Dockside for a half day conference + cocktail event, with key players from the luxury industry in Hong Kong.

The theme this time round is Greater Bay Area: a new playground for luxury brands? and will focus on the following main topics:

  • The Greater Bay Area project: What’s in store for Hong Kong?
  • Chinese travellers: How to engage them and retain them
  • New retail: Is tech the new black?
  • Sustainability: Transparency, traceability and the new consumer mindset

Speakers include:

  • Alexis Bonhomme, Farfetch China
  • Rob Koepp, The Economist Corporate Network
  • Cissy Chan, Hong Kong International Airport
  • Meili Lee, China Duty Free Group
  • Karlyn Adams, BSR
  • Charlotte Judet, Kering
  • Myriam Djela, Ipsos

Register on their website to attend.

China’s Luxury Travel Apps (Finally) Explained

by Cindy Choo

With a completely unique digital playground, any travel and hospitality brand needs to engage with their affluent Chinese customer according to their App-based, mobile preference.

Players in the hospitality or travel sector should already realise the importance of Chinese travellers – Chinese tourists made 130 million overseas trips in 2017, with total spending amounting to US$115 billion, according to a report from China Tourism Academy, and the number is projected to jump to 390 million in the next decade.

A survey in 2017 revealed that 95 per cent of Chinese millennials had not bought print media in the last year. China is the global leader in proximity mobile payment adoption, accounting for 61.2 per cent of the worldwide user base in 2018.

So who are the key players in sales, marketing, reviews and content platforms that engage Chinese luxury travellers? Continue reading “China’s Luxury Travel Apps (Finally) Explained”

Op-Ed: Why Not to Try Anything New in China, from Not a China Expert

by Nick Withycombe

What’s new? What’s coming next? These are the go-to questions on ‘China marketing’, whether you’re a journalist looking for a headline or in the industry and looking for the most cutting-edge, client-wowing solution.

If you are seeking further understanding on China, then media content and events are available routes where answers and help may be expected. However, much of this just spreads the same basic messages – and my question is whether an adult really needs to be told that in China you need to ‘research your target audience’ or ‘be customer focused’. Oh, we were about to not be customer focused – thanks! I have the same confusion when I read a sentence such as ‘in China, you need to be digital and mobile’. Continue reading “Op-Ed: Why Not to Try Anything New in China, from Not a China Expert”

5 Questions with: Jens Puttfarcken, President & CEO of Porsche China

Last month saw Shanghai as the location for the World Premiere of the new Macan. This was no coincidence, as China is now the largest individual market for Porsche for the third year in a row. Of the 350,000+ Macans sold since 2014, over 100,000 are in China.

China’s passion for Porsche began long ago and the feeling is clearly mutual, with bold new projects such as the Porsche Experience Centre in Shanghai, next to the F1 International Circuit, being the first in Asia. Continue reading “5 Questions with: Jens Puttfarcken, President & CEO of Porsche China”

WeChat’s Next-Gen: ‘WeLife’ Previewed at China Connect, Shanghai 2018

The Luxury Conversation attended China Connect’s Shanghai 2018 edition, which featured expert speakers talking about what’s currently at the tip of the spear of engagement with China’s consumers. A wide-ranging and insightful event, attended by over 300 people, China Connect was held at The Explorium on Yishan Road.

Among the engaging talks was that by Sophia Ong, GM of Strategic Partner & Key Account at Tencent, in which Sophia spoke about the well-known (let’s go ahead and call it God-like) power of WeChat and the Tencent eco-system.

Sophia’s presentation clarified that luxury brands need to quickly maximise their WeChat adoption and adaptation in order to keep up with the expectations of the Chinese consumer. Here are the key takeaways from the talk – with a thrilling preview into the next generation of WeChat commerce capabilities: WeLife. Continue reading “WeChat’s Next-Gen: ‘WeLife’ Previewed at China Connect, Shanghai 2018”

Over 90% of Chinese Tourists Prefer to Use Mobile Payments Shopping Overseas: Survey

A whitepaper issued by Nielson and Alipay (continue reading to view the full report) has revealed further evidence that any brand outside of China cannot afford to ignore the mobile payment preferences of China’s consumers — and, that the numbers of Chinese tourists travelling overseas only continues to rise, maintaining their place as the number one in overseas spending.

The whitepaper compared Chinese and non-Chinese tourist behaviours, and we’ve picked through the report to highlight some key findings. Continue reading “Over 90% of Chinese Tourists Prefer to Use Mobile Payments Shopping Overseas: Survey”

China the Digital Pioneer; How Luxury Brands Should Capitalise on China’s Blazing Online Trail

China is where any luxury brand needs to be.

McKinsey’s recent report, What can we expect in China in 2018, gives some details and data on the ongoing rise of digital China.

Investment in global infrastructure and start-ups, investment in culture, better regulations and more is all made possible with a pioneering level of leading tech. Cash is already (as good as) obsolete, with facial recognition for payments and next-gen AI being led by China.

What does this mean for luxury brands? Continue reading “China the Digital Pioneer; How Luxury Brands Should Capitalise on China’s Blazing Online Trail”

5 Questions with Thibault Villet, Co-Founder & Chairman of Mei.com

With a career in China’s luxury world, Thibault Villet co-founded Mei.com in 2010, was the CEO and remains as the Chairman. Mei.com is now one of the largest luxury e-commerce platforms in China, having been acquired by the Alibaba group in 2015. It has partnered with thousands of top brands and with looks and products curated by stylists from luxury designer backgrounds.

Mei.com, in collaboration with KPMG, recently released the results of their survey of over 3,000 mainland China consumers (with a focus on the Millennial / non-Millennial divide), which aimed to improve understanding of their current and future shopping habits.

Continue reading “5 Questions with Thibault Villet, Co-Founder & Chairman of Mei.com”