China Insight Report: Next-Gen Luxury Travellers – Affluent Chinese Families

The travel hopes and dreams of one of the most important demographics for luxury hospitality globally are finally revealed in The Luxury Conversation’s China Insight Report:

Next-Gen Luxury Travellers: Affluent Chinese Families.

The Insight Report is available for purchase at USD 500.00, below.

Luxury Travel Insight Report: Affluent Chinese Families

The Luxury Conversation China Insight Report on Affluent Chinese Families.

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About the report:

The modern, affluent Chinese family is now a powerhouse of luxury spending.

Taking responses from over 400 affluent Chinese respondents in first-tier cities across China, the report looks at consumer preferences and behaviour related to destinations, travel brands, experiences, media and information learning, purchasing and what China’s affluent travellers expect, prefer and demand during their travel experience.

Key Insights

Fascinating insights have been discovered as to the travel dreams and desires of this crucial Chinese demographic, in the areas of:

  • Digital connectivity – ‘going mobile’ – even in their rooms
  • Content and information – the new App that’s beating WeChat
  • Sustainability and wellness – green is the new gold for luxury Chinese travellers
  • Their child’s experience – family life is the new luxury for affluent Chinese travellers and they expect the world
  • Brand preferences – who’s winning the competition for China’s luxury travellers?
  • Destination plans – Chinese affluent families pioneer extreme getaways and have adventurous new locations on the mind
  • How to engage with the target customer

Extensive Data

The report includes data from the respondent survey, showing the choices made when answering questions on:

  • Where they have travelled in the last 12 months
  • Travel plans in the next 24 months
  • Net spend on accommodation
  • Size of travel group
  • Which destinations are seen as most family-friendly
  • Preferences of kids’ club features (and relevant importance thereof)
  • How travel/holiday information is obtained
  • Interest in types of travel for future plans
  • In-room feature preferences
  • Importance of various hotel/resort features
  • Preferences regarding times in the year for family travel (both domestic and international)
  • Aspects and points impacting destinion choice
  • Airline preferences
  • Desires in check-in experience
  • and more

More about the report:

The Insight Report was published in collaboration between The Luxury Conversation and ILTM China. The Luxury Conversation is a business intelligence platform, owned by Reuter Communications, the luxury, digital, communications and marketing agency headquartered in Shanghai and with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai.

Report research was conducted by Reuter: Intelligence, the insights division of Reuter Communications.

Reuter: Intelligence conducted a quantitative survey of 404 affluent Chinese millennial parents in partnership with MobileMeasure. The online survey was fielded among respondents aged 18 to 38 who had at least one child and a combined minimum monthly household income of RMB50,000. The research covered the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guanzhou and Chengdu. Fieldwork was conducted in September 2018. Our data analysis is robust and all findings reported are statistically significant to a 95% confidence level.

Big data analytics was provided by Go Capture. We identified the top search terms co-mentioned with ‘family travel’ and ‘family holiday’ across the top online travel aggregator (OTA) sites and reported sentiment by count and % rate. Non-travel social platforms Weibo and WeChat analysis included posts and articles by count and % rate. We also selected all key terms specifically co-mentioned with selected ‘destinations’ + ‘family’ +/- ‘travel’ / ’holiday’ across the key OTA platforms. Buzz share results were reported. All data was for 12 months.

Go Capture

Go Capture (GC) is a smart people business, experts in providing applied big data analysis for some of the world’s largest brands. They aid and define critical business thinking and tactical market plays by having an in-depth understanding of the Chinese consumer, based on crunching data on a massive scale.


Headquartered in Shanghai, MOBILEMEASURE started as a Mobile Market research service and has rapidly evolved into a full service digital market research service with mobile consumers at its core. Focused on consumer engagement solutions, its highly intuitive mobile + web survey platform cover both quantitative & qualitative methods.


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