Wellness Uncovered – M Talk, Shanghai – August 29th

The next edition of M Talk is on the 29th of August at M on the Bund, Shanghai.

Fitness and wellness in China are booming in popularity and the same can be said for veganism. Yet, as with any new food or fitness trend, there is now an overload of information and mixed messages; is veganism really good for your health? Can you sustain an active lifestyle of exercise and fitness with a solely vegan diet? Is veganism ‘used’ by some to promote their own healthy lifestyle? Is veganism really better for the planet?

This talk (in Chinese only) will see Shanghai’s pioneers of the health, wellness and vegan world discuss industry trends, personal experiences and uncover what wellness and veganism mean in today’s China.

Read about the previous M Talk – Confessions of a KOL – to learn more, and scan the QR code below or go here to reserve your ticket now.

  • The M Talk entrance price is RMB 85, with one drink included
  • For M Talk entrance plus a special vegan dinner after the event, the price is RMB 298


Featuring panel speakers Sporty Bitch, the renowned fitness blogger and KOL, as well as Zhang ChenLing, Founder and CEO of VCleanse.

About M Restaurant Group

M Restaurant Group is a pioneering collection of award-winning restaurants and lounges in China. In 1989, Australian cook Michelle Garnaut—the signature ‘M’—opened M at the Fringe in Hong Kong, one of the first restaurants with a new take on modern/contemporary fine-dining in the city. It was a runaway hit, and ten years later she took a daring step and opened M on the Bund in Shanghai, at a time when the historic waterfront was known mainly for dilapidated offices rather than the lively nightlife scene it has since developed. She tested the waters first with a stint cooking at the landmark Peace Hotel, and in the end the gamble paid off. Now restaurants and bars of all kinds have sprouted up in the shadow of the Art Deco Nissin Shipping Building where M on the Bund presides, still going strong after nearly 20 years.

Today, the M Restaurant Group includes two venues: M on the Bund and Glam dining lounge and bar in Shanghai.

Delicious food in a chic, comfortable environment are ideals embodied by both restaurants, with classics like M’s Crispy Suckling Pig and M’s Very Famous Pavlova always greeting diners, along with seasonal specialities, fresh, homemade bread and signature cocktails, all made from scratch. And perhaps most meaningfully, the restaurants are a part of the communities they serve. M has spearheaded the sourcing of sustainable and organic foods in China, working with local producers to set standards. A focus on the arts has yielded the Shanghai and Capital Literary Festivals, the M Literary Residency and a vibrant series of talks and salons, all of them in the comfortable confines of M venues.

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